Feature – Bulk Organic Foods

All of our bulk foods are from Azure Standard in Oregon. They are Organic and Non-GMO.

Great meals start with great ingredients. Not only are Organic and Non-GMO foods great tasting, but they are healthier for you. The number of health-conscious  individuals is growing daily. Many people are realizing that processed foods are dead and are absent of the living enzymes and organisms that our body needs to heal itself and make us healthy.  We have a large selection of Organic, Non-GMO foods available.


You may also purchase from this page and have the items mailed to you at the address you designate. (Shipping extra – 1 pound minimum)(Taxes added for South Carolina purchases)

Here is a list of our Organic, Non-GMO foods with pricing per pound:

California Raisins – $2.69/lb

Trail Mix, Raw Intensity – $8.79/lb

Trail Mix, Tropical – $8.99/lb

Coconut Smiles – $4.79/lb

Brown Lentils – $1.29/lb 

Red Lentils – $1.49/lb

Green Lentils – $1.59/lb

Pistachios in Shell, Roasted/Salted – $11.59/lb

Peanuts, Dry Roasted, No Salt – $4.49/lb

Pecan Halves, Raw, Large – $9.99/lb

Brazil Nuts, Raw – $9.99/lb

Almonds, Raw, California – $8.79/lb

Quinoa Crispies – $10.69/lb

Wheat, Red, Hard – $1.29/lb

Wheat, White, Hard – $1.59/lb

Chia Seeds – $7.39/lb

Pinto Beans – $2.19/lb

Kidney Beans, Light Red – $1.79/lb

Kidney Beans, Dark Red – $3.49/lb

Lima Beans, Large – $2.49/lb

Black Beans – $1.99/lb

Black Eyed Peas – $2.29/lb

White Beans, Small – $1.79/lb

Oats, Quick – 1.39/lb

Oats, Steel Cut – $1.59/lb

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