Feature – Local Honey

honey biscuit

Remember when you were young and woke up to the smell of your Mamma cooking those hand-made buttermilk biscuits? You would crawl out of bed and walk into the kitchen just as the biscuits were placed on the table. After the blessing, you would grab some real butter and honey and mix it up in the center of your plate, then drag one of those hot buttermilk biscuits through the middle of it. There’s no better eating than that!


Ellenburg Honey Sign

At The Burgess General Store, we not only have the real butter from local producers, but we also have the best tasting honey from anywhere around, literally. Gary Ellenburg is a local beekeeper that has produced an unfiltered, unheated, nothing-added, world-class, international competition-winning, Blue Ribbon Award, locally-produced honey…whew, that was a mouthful. Speaking of a mouthful, and here’s our warning, once you taste Gary’s honey, you will not want to buy honey from any other source.

But, don’t take our word for it. Come by and have a free taste sample.

As Gary Ellenburg says, “How do you know it’s honey, if you don’t know the beekeeper?”



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