These are photos of the progress of the transition of the store from the old to the new. The store was built in 1938, and has been a pawn shop and flower shop, among other businesses, but it was originally a General Store. It is an honor to bring it back to it’s original use. There was much to do in preparing the old building to be presentable for The Burgess General Store. All the signs and other woodwork was crafted by hand and took many hours to complete. Enjoy.

IMAG0045 IMAG0046 IMAG0047 IMAG0048 IMAG0049

IMAG0050 IMAG0051 IMAG0052(2) IMAG0053(2) IMAG0055(2)

IMAG0058 IMAG0059 IMAG0063(2) IMAG0066 IMG_0730


IMAG0434 IMAG0435 IMAG0436  IMAG0449 IMAG0463

IMAG0473 IMAG0477 IMAG0478 IMAG0484 IMAG0531IMAG0598 IMAG0595 IMAG0474 IMAG0555 IMAG0558

IMAG0450 IMAG0451 IMAG0453 IMAG0457 IMAG0462 IMAG0468 IMAG0519

IMAG0461 IMAG0499 IMAG0497 IMAG0489 IMAG0490

IMAG0520 IMAG0611 IMAG0524 IMAG0527 IMAG0533 IMAG0612


IMAG0584 IMAG0585 IMAG0586 IMAG0587 IMAG0590 IMAG0591 IMAG0592 IMAG0594(2) IMAG0615 IMAG0614 IMAG0613 IMAG0635


IMAG0480 IMAG0625 IMG_0029
IMG_6514 Mom & Dad – Influencing 4 generations…


IMAG0700 IMAG0712 IMAG0713 IMAG0714

IMAG0715 IMAG0716 IMAG0717 IMAG0718

IMAG0719 IMAG0720 IMAG0721 IMAG0722

IMAG0723 IMAG0724 IMAG0726 IMAG0727

IMAG0728 IMAG0725



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