UV Paqlites products are lights for campers, backpackers, preppers and more.  Our lights are reusable, reliable, and simple.  They do not use batteries, bulbs or electricity.  All our products are made from all natural glow crystals:

  • glow all night long
  • recharge quickly by absorbing any light
  • last forever. 

They can help you prolong the battery life of flashlights, provide emergency lighting, help you locate important items in the dark, or provide a night light illumination in your bedroom every night forever…

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What is it?

The UV Paqlite is a reusable light source that does not rely on batteries, bulbs, or electricity to function.

How Does it Work?

The UV Paqlite absorbs any light to recharge and glows in the dark all night long.


How Long Does it Glow?

The UV Paqlite dims out over 10 hours. It works best when your eyes are fully adjusted to the dark.

How Fast Does it Recharge?

They fully recharge fast! Just one minute of sunlight, 5-10 minutes of ambient room light, or just a few seconds of a high lumen flashlight (+100 lumens)

How Long Does it Last?

The UV Paqlite lasts forever. It never wears out, expires, or degrades over time. It will glow the same today as it will in 80 years.

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